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" A r t i s t   A b u n d a n c e ! "

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Our Mission

"Artists Abundance!™"

International Fine Arts Collaborative – IFAC, as a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation,

focuses on under-represented artists around the world
to globally stand together to realize our created cause "Artist Abundance™"
to replace the old cliché "Starving Artist!"

A Global Phenomenon as Never Done Before

International exhibitions around the world in galleries, museums, and online
to introduce under-represented artists to the global market as often as possible
accompanied by Re-Couture Fashion Show.

"Keep Children's Dream Alive!™”

We firmly believe, when children makes art they are inventing, solving problems of life,
by taking notice of what they see, considering, digesting, choosing their marks,
choosing their colors, choosing their arrangements, and then makes their own creation!
Problem solved! Life practiced successfully!